How to Conduct a Successful Online Board Meeting

Virtual and hybrid board meetings are a rising trend. While some companies have reservations about them, others see them as a way to increase attendance and save money as well as secure the future of their business. However, the success of a virtual meeting is contingent on how well it is conducted. This means that you should follow a few simple guidelines that will help improve board member participation and better paper organization, and more efficient decision-making.

A platform that permits audio and video calls, document sharing and voting is crucial to an effective meeting. Zoom, GoToMeeting, and WebEx are all free and low-cost options that offer video-only meetings. They can be used on a PC or smartphone. These platforms might not be compatible with older computers or devices that have limited internet connectivity, or might not provide secure voting. A subscription to a secure, stable platform like DirectVoteLive is an alternative. It provides a fast and efficient software that is monitored 24/7.

To ensure maximum participation Board members should be encouraged to utilize the video calling feature and turn on their cameras during the meeting. This will assist them in understanding the non-verbal messages and evaluate body language. It is also helpful to have a more concise agenda important source which keeps the discussion on track and helps to maintain momentum throughout the meeting.