6 tips to look adorable

Often little things are enough to make a simple outfit look chic. What should you looking for? Seven essential fashion rules.

Rule 1: Basics good

Each outfit is based on timeless basics. The little black dress and a black blazer, skirt and pants should be a mandatory part of your wardrobe. Also and a white blouse, a cardigan and a cool trench coat. Make sure that the cut and colour are classic, eventually the parts will be combined for a long time.

Rule 2: colourful accessories

Accessories are fashionable companion; they provide variety in the outfit. Therefore, you may still neat to grab colour. However, be careful: more than three different colours should not be combined at once.

Rule 3: break in style

What already create some flashy accessories; you can enhance your appearance with carefully selected clothes in style. The casual boyfriend jeans with an elegant blazer, or the neon pink bikini top under a white blouse are great combinations but you must take care to build own style.

Rule 4: Show skin

Tonight there will be a sexy outfit? Then you decide whether you want to show décolleté or legs? It is not a good idea to show both at once, because it is a manifestation of bad taste.

Rule 5: Jeans

You should have really a crisp and perfect fitting pair of jeans. You will be rewarded! First, such a classic denim is timeless and secondly, he is a true miracle combination. Whether high heels or sneakers, t-shirt or blazer – jeans always fit.

Shelf 6: Underwear

Last but not the Underneath: Sexy Lingerie While nobody sees but you know what lies beneath and makes you shine. Please, also note and how you look from behind in the mirror – undergarments should not be visible! Be sure to dress in bright flesh-colour underwear!

A colourful bikini top may be a good idea, as and sexy panties under a purple or white skirt.