Women’s Fashion: Business Styling Tips

Business fashion for women should be elegant, but not too provocative. If you follow one or the other tip with your styling, then your male colleagues will accept you as an equal partner. The emphasis on your femininity, you must by no means give. However, it always comes down to the right level.

Business fashion for women: Do not show too much skin

With the right figure, women must be sure that they attract the attention of the world to men in mini skirt. Brief skirts and tight tops you can wear in leisure time, at work they have nothing to look for. An important tip: If you want to be taken seriously as a woman by male colleagues, customers and other business partners, then you also have to dress accordingly. So choose instead a breezy dress or a tight-fitting blouse prefer a pantsuit.

This classic in the field of business fashion for women looks elegant, and emphasizes your feminine side. Bare shoulders or skirts that end above the knee, apply to the dress code for the office as an absolute taboo. Otherwise, you should not too flashy accessories when styling.

From head to toe on business

In some industries, there are clear rules about what clothing is allowed at work and which do not. Especially banks and insurance companies are considered particularly strict, and in terms of business fashion for women. What is needed? It is a subtle styling without too much makeup and oversized jewellery. Tip: Be on your feet. Although high heels make a sleek leg, but the high heels for the office are clearly too sexy.

The costume: classic business wear

What woman does not know this: with the costume, a classic of fashion, a woman is always appropriate dressed for the occasion. Composed of two-piece skirt and blazer is available in a wide varieties, colours and styles and can be perfectly matched to the occasion and the current fashion.

Stylish personal appearance in the business – in costume it is guaranteed

Keep in spite of the elegant garment in your own style. It starts in the choice of colours: here you have black, grey, brown and other colours covered. It may be little more casual, fresh and subtle patterns or colours also are available.

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Which shoe goes with what?

Black ankle boots, cool sneakers or loafers cool: Which shoe goes with what?

Now we will reveal which models combine fashion connoisseurs to the different jeans, skirts and dresses. To be not only well dressed but also to look weaker. So, which shoe goes with what?

Here are some things you absolutely must know about the fashion shoes:

Even with a heel, height of two centimetres changed the posture and tension, as in this way the whole figure looks weaker.

Here are some things you absolutely must know about the fashion shoes:

Even with a heel, height of two centimetres changed the posture and tension, as in this way the whole figure looks weaker. The most important rule is – the more powerful the leg, the wider shoe soles.

Which shape of shoes conjures long legs?

Pointed shoes, especially heels, visually lengthen the legs and can result in the disappearance a few pounds. If the shoe then the colour (stocking) pants is either held or worn as a Nude colour copy to bare feet, this is good. Low-cut shoe models like ballerinas, sandals or pumps also provide for an extension of the legs, if they are worn without socks.

Which shoes should you prefer without socks or tights?

Opaque matt tights (from the 40) in the colour of the shoes provide extra-long legs because the leg seems to be endless without “interruptions”. However, if you want, you can to wear loafers and slippers ballet flats with trousers, and then it is best to refrain entirely from brightly colour socks.

Fashion Shoes 2013

Iridescent shoes promise a new spectacle on the road! The summer of 2013 is a time for block, stiletto, wedges, platform, and the appearance of the silver or gold plating, sometimes precious elements that sparkle up the foot, sometimes on the entire heel – high-gloss polished. The heavy metal highlights are definitely beginning to get. In almost all designers ran precious metal shoes on the runway.

6 tips to look adorable

Often little things are enough to make a simple outfit look chic. What should you looking for? Seven essential fashion rules.

Rule 1: Basics good

Each outfit is based on timeless basics. The little black dress and a black blazer, skirt and pants should be a mandatory part of your wardrobe. Also and a white blouse, a cardigan and a cool trench coat. Make sure that the cut and colour are classic, eventually the parts will be combined for a long time.

Rule 2: colourful accessories

Accessories are fashionable companion; they provide variety in the outfit. Therefore, you may still neat to grab colour. However, be careful: more than three different colours should not be combined at once.

Rule 3: break in style

What already create some flashy accessories; you can enhance your appearance with carefully selected clothes in style. The casual boyfriend jeans with an elegant blazer, or the neon pink bikini top under a white blouse are great combinations but you must take care to build own style.

Rule 4: Show skin

Tonight there will be a sexy outfit? Then you decide whether you want to show décolleté or legs? It is not a good idea to show both at once, because it is a manifestation of bad taste.

Rule 5: Jeans

You should have really a crisp and perfect fitting pair of jeans. You will be rewarded! First, such a classic denim is timeless and secondly, he is a true miracle combination. Whether high heels or sneakers, t-shirt or blazer – jeans always fit.

Shelf 6: Underwear

Last but not the Underneath: Sexy Lingerie While nobody sees but you know what lies beneath and makes you shine. Please, also note and how you look from behind in the mirror – undergarments should not be visible! Be sure to dress in bright flesh-colour underwear!

A colourful bikini top may be a good idea, as and sexy panties under a purple or white skirt.